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How to useApply every day, morning and evening, to the lips and around the eyes, to cleansed and toned skin. Gently pat the product using your ring finger to the eye area from the inner corner out, avoiding direct contact with the eyes.

Skin TypeSkins with wrinkles, loss of tone, signs of gravity, loss of definition.

Active IngredientsBIO-PLACENTA: Innovative multifunctional complex with 5 epidermal and dermal growth factors, enriched with amino acids and folic acid that work synergistically. The result of advanced genetic engineering process, they reproduce exactly human growth factors.

BIO-PLACENTA: gives new life to the skin, revitalizing cellular metabolic processes. It actively stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, with a powerful redensifying and anti-wrinkle action.

acetyl tetrapeptide-2
Innovative bio-mimetic peptide that works at different depths:

- on the epidermal junction: protects the cohesion between the different layers of the skin

- on the dermis: targets disorganisation and protects the three-dimensional structure of collagen and elastin, promoting the proper framework and their interaction with dermal cells (fibroblasts). Firms the skin and fights the signs of gravity and loss of definition.

paraffin, mineral oil, propylene glycol

BenefitsVisibly redefines the contours of the face 65%*
Increase in skin density (collagen and elastin) 75%**
Reduction of wrinkles 85%***
Increase in firmness 90%****

Texture - FormulaCreamy texture, for fresher and brighter eyes.

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