Saldi Oh My Lift! - Anti Age Smoothing Serum

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How to useApply morning and evening to cleansed and toned face using your fingertips from the center of the face outwards. Continue down the neck, from the chin to the neckline. Apply a greater amount of product to deep wrinkles. For enhanced action and faster and more visible results use OH MY LIFT! Anti age smoothing cream after the serum. Avoid direct contact with the eyes. For its powerful action, it may cause light and temporary itching immediately after application, due to the penetration of the GABA BTX PEPTIDE.

Skin TypeAll skin types

Active IngredientsGaba btx peptide

A new lifting biotechnological complex with a double smoothing action:

- Line Relaxing (dermal-relaxing action) to counteract repeated skin micro-contractions that cause expression wrinkles

- Wrinkle Filling (filling action) to lift wrinkles from within by stimulating the production of new collagen.

GABA Line relaxer + Wrinkle filler

GABA or Gamma-AminoButyric Acid is one of the most important substances involved in the intercellular communication of the human body. Thanks to its powerful botox-like action and stimulating the production of new collagen, it has powerful anti-aging properties, both against dynamic or "expression" wrinkles, and against static and deep wrinkles.

Mineral oils
propylene glycol

BenefitsWrinkles are less visible, from the first application*:

Reduction of fine lines 80%**
Reduction of deep wrinkles 85%**

Skin is smoother and plumped, after 4 weeks:

Reduction of expression wrinkles 55%***
Reduction of fine lines 85%**
Reduction of deep wrinkles 95% **

Texture - FormulaFast-absorbing velvety texture.

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